Director of Education

  • Community Health Center, Inc.
  • Denver, CO
  • Oct 16, 2018

Job Description

The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA) is one of the nation's newest and most innovative workforce training programs, offering first-rate, affordable education for aspiring Medical Assistants. Graduates are prepared from day one to effectively participate in today's high-functioning, team-based primary care settings. NIMAA aims to improve the delivery of health care to disadvantaged populations while offering better income and career possibilities for Medical Assistants. It was founded as a nonprofit in 2015 by two of the most respected health centers in the country: Community Health Center, Inc. of Connecticut and Salud Family Health Centers of Colorado. The demand for NIMAA training and graduates is escalating as its reputation grows across the U.S.


Director of Education

The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA)

The Director of Education for NIMAA assumes the key leadership and directorship role for the curriculum and instructional team within NIMAA. This includes the development and advancement of curriculum, overall educational programming, and team development for both the 7-month certification program and NIMAA's UpSkilling program. This role is at the Director level, and therefore requires full collaboration with NIMAA's other Directors, including the Clinical Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and others. This position reports directly to the CEO, and is responsible to report status and ongoing work to the Board of Directors for NIMAA to ensure transparent and collaborative leadership as NIMAA continues to grow and expand as a world-class educational program. The Director of Education is responsible for the following activities as described under the outlined domains, and other activities as deemed necessary by the CEO:


  • Instructional Team Oversight
    • Meet with team members weekly to assess progress and problem solve
    • Provide individual feedback and mentoring to the instructional team members, including yearly performance assessments and ongoing employee development in the areas of instruction, professional development, and others
    • Complete timesheets, approves PTO and other management functions for the instructional team, including approval of continuing education activities required for instructional team certification or licensure renewals
    • Responsible in the hiring of all instructional team members in collaboration with NIMAA's CEO and other leaders and human resources
  • Curriculum Design and Implementation Oversight in collaboration with NIMAA's Clinical Director
    • Ensure that course content reflects the desired content for NIMAA
    • Work with instructors and guest faculty to shape content and format of all curriculum for NIMAA
    • Ensure that content reflects appropriate hours for all aspects of curriculum
    • Co-lead the weekly Curriculum Content meeting with the Curriculum Director
    • Review and approve the selection of course resources (textbook and online)
    • Ensure that all online resources (Moodle, Connect and others) are in place and working properly
  • Policy
    • Develops and refines all policies relating to grading, student externship attendance/experience, instruction/curriculum policies, instructional team JDs, and others
  • Orientation
    • Create template for orientation to be followed by organizations
    • Lead the planning of CHCI's EO orientation
    • Participate in CHCI and NIMAA National Orientation efforts
    • Collaborates with the team lead for the online learning system to create accounts for students, preceptors and others in NIMAA's online systems, including ensuring that NIMAA properly communicates to students their individual information and addressing ongoing account management
  • Seminars (co-lead with NIMAA's Clinical Director)
    • Organize sequence of seminars in each term and link to online curriculum
    • Prepare slides in coordination with lead presenter
    • Design and implement the roles during each seminar, including lead presenter, and group discussion leaders among others
    • Prepare polling questions
    • Run/facilitate seminar
  • Interactive Week
    • Prepare/revise NIMAA's three simulation cases as needed and in collaboration with the Clinical Director
    • Establish and implement structure for which students/groups are assigned to each case
    • Revise communication on logistics of case work
    • Work with instructors on making sure student groups have what they need to complete case assignment
    • Review and grade as written case summaries and video case presentations
  • Grading
    • Oversee policy/process for developing grades for every student (see Policy section above)
    • Ensure that process is working correctly through periodic audits and routine meetings with instructional staff
    • Ensure that instructors are communicating with students about grades in a timely manner
    • Assist the instructors in creating plans for students in danger of or on formal performance improvement plans or in an official probation status
    • Field student complaints as appropriate
  • Evaluation
    • Implement evaluation plan for:
      • Seminars
      • Curriculum and instructors
      • Externship experience
    • Make sure response rates are as high as possible
    • Analyze and summarize evaluation data
    • Report on results to appropriate stakeholders
    • Collaborate with other NIMAA leaders to disseminate NIMAA's findings and outcomes to promote knowledge and reputation of NIMAA nationally
  • Certification Exam
    • Work with instructors to design and implement online resources for exam practice
    • Ensure that all organizations have what they need to have students sit for the exam prior to graduation


  • Online Learning Management System (Moodle)
    • Lead the work with eThink and other consultants/departments to inform the design and implementation of NIMAA's digital resources
    • Carry out the design work to implement NIMAA's program plan in Moodle
    • Create video or other online content as needed to complement NIMAA's ongoing curriculum and to ensure meaningful use of NIMAA's Online Learning Management System
  • Textbooks (McGraw-Hill Connect)
    • Work with instructors and technical support to ensure all aspects of these resources are connected to Moodle and functioning for students
  • Videoconference/video interaction (Zoom)
    • Use the aspects of this tool to promote interaction among students, preceptors and skills coaches


  • Participate in student recruitment and admissions processes, including being a member of the admissions committee
  • Work with Student Services Manager (SSM) to implement the online support for the student experience
  • Work with Instructors and SSM to participate in addressing student issues as needed

Externship Organization Partnerships

  • Participate in informational webinars
  • Participate in onboarding process of each organization
  • Work with Program Coordinator related to skills coaching, preceptors and curriculum
  • Participate in Skills Coach orientation and training
  • Participate in all Preceptor orientation and training sessions
  • Participate in some of the monthly sessions with:
    • Skills Coaches
    • Preceptors


  • Develop, implement and coordinate plan for graduation
  • Ensure all students have met criteria for graduation
  • Facilitate/lead graduation events

Regulatory/Licensing (in collaboration with NIMAA's regulatory compliance lead)

  • Collaborate with regulatory leads in the process state licensing as needed
  • Participate in discussion, planning and processes for ABHES accreditation, including ensuring adherence to all ABHES accreditation requirements with regard to curriculum, grading, skills training and other standards


  • Advanced Degree required, along with evidence of educational programming in both clinical and education domains
  • Prior experience in healthcare as a clinical care team member (i.e. Certified Medical Assistant, Nurse, Provider, etc.)
  • Prior experience as an educator, including instructing, curriculum development, administration experience, and management/utilization of an online learning system
  • Current State Licensure or certification associated with specific clinical education/role preferred
  • Preferred attributes: background or knowledge of FQHCs, impeccable organizational skills, ability to both lead and be an effective team member within NIMAA, conflict resolution skills, including the ability to give appropriate constructive feedback for ongoing performance improvement, and also vision-setting and effective mentoring skills to ensure a positive work environment that promotes the retention and satisfaction of staff

Advanced Degree (Required)