Wage Gap Not the Only Barrier to Women’s Progress At Work


“We won’t truly see equality until the distribution of income within a company is 50% men and 50% women,” said Wallace. She was paraphrasing a comment made earlier in the day by Joelle Tanguy, director of the strategic partnership division at UN Women. “It’s about the wage gap, but leadership and authority also need to be equally distributed among the sexes.”


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How to accelerate gender diversity on boards

“…The tone of much public discourse on the issue of women’s representation on boards has been pessimistic of late, and understandably so, given the crawl toward gender parity in the United States. Women currently hold 19 percent of board positions there, while in European countries such as France, Norway, and Sweden, …

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Looking to hire women in tech?

You assume it’s because there are not enough women working in tech but how hard are you looking at what you are offering? Do you understand what women in tech look for when choosing their next role? Do you know that women in tech move less than men because the risks are …